Fearless Tots: 9/22 Stovetop Oatmeal + Overnight Oats

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Fearless Tots: Oatmeal

Sunday, September 22nd

8 - 8:45am

Join us for our Fearless Tots Breakfast Class, which is geared toward the 5 and under set (plus their parents!). We'll be making simple, quick breakfasts that encourage your little ones to get their hands dirty in the kitchen and to start enjoying cooking!

On deck this week: Oatmeal! Oatmeal is an awesomely healthy breakfast for kids and adults alike. No matter whether your kids like it cold or hot, we'll talk about  different types of oats (steel cut? whole? instant?) as well as lots of ways to turn this simple grain into breakfasts that are healthy, delicious, and always changing! Cost is $20 for one parent + child, $8 for each additional family member.