4/17 @10am - All-Ages Saturday: Cheez-its and Almond Joys

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All Ages Saturdays: Junkless Food (Virtual Class)

Homemade Cheez-Its and Almond Joy

$25 per household

Saturday, April 17th @ 10am-12pm

You know how you still really want Cheez-Its every once in a while? But also maybe you look at the ingredient list on the side of the box or the nutritional info and think, "Um, I'll take a pass"? OR- maybe you want to give someone the gift they didn't know they wanted - HOMEMADE ALMOND JOYS (can be made without almond for anyone who's allergic)? This is your class! Together we'll make these two classics!

This class is all-ages - so whether you are cooking with a kiddo, a partner, or by yourself (which is frankly the wisest strategy to get all the spoils of your labor), you are welcome! We'll go step-by-step to create delicious treats that you can freeze (if you have self control) or share! Teens are welcome! 

We'll send the ingredient list in advance and then we'll all cook together. Any experience level welcome.