2/28 - Tapas Night!

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Tapas Night!

Friday, February 28th



Join Chef Marina Boldrini Rivelis as she takes you on a culinary tour of Spain through the world of tapas!  During this class you'll explore the simplicity of tapas through a variety of dishes representing some of the best that Spanish cuisine has to offer. On the menu:

  • Pan con Tomate (grilled bread with olive oil, rubbed tomatoes and garlic) with boursin cheese, roasted peppers and capers on top 
  • Pintxo Gilda (Typical from Basque region: Pepper, Olive, and Anchovy Skewers)
  • Empanada Gallega (Typical from Galicia region, baked pie filled with tuna, onions, peppers, sardines, paprika, tomatoes and saffron) 
  • Iberico Ham Croquetas (Fried croquettes made with béchamel sauce)
  • Gambas al Ajillo with Aioli (Garlic Shrimp)


-Flan with caramel 


Marina Boldrini Rivelis is from in Buenos Aires, Argentina with Italian and Spanish grandparents. She was raised in a family with a mother that pursued an outstanding career path and still found the time to make homemade meals every night! After moving to the USA, Marina followed her passion for food as an entrepreneur, starting Taste of Real Food. She is very serious about making people happy through food. You can follow what she is cooking and her travels on Instagram @tasteofrealfood