2/20 @ 7pm - Healthy Home Cooking for Dogs

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Healthy Home Cooking for Dogs

Thursday, February 20th


We all love our dogs and we all want to give them the best and let them know much they brighten our lives! Sometimes the best way to show your pooch some love is to make them a special home cooked meal that will make their mouth water. But how, you ask? Come join Chef John Nelson-Alden, Chef & Owner of Chicago’s very own Chestnut & Grace Dog Food Company teach you how to make two of his signature canine recipes. Chef John will teach you how to make one of his human-grade dog food recipes as well as be available to discuss canine nutrition or any other dog food related questions. Hope you can make it - your dog will thank you!


On The Menu:

Beef & Spinach Hash 

Peanut Butter & Buckwheat Truffles 


Chef John has spent two decades in some of the best kitchens in the United States, Including:  GT Fish & Oyster, Alinea, The MED, and The Sky Room. John began to prepare food for dogs in 2002 when he adopted his first two dogs, litter mates Lui & Zoe. It was clear from the beginning that Lui was a bit finicky with food and had a very sensitive digestive system. After consulting a vet who suggested a very expensive prescription wet food or a bland diet of chicken and rice you could make at home, naturally Chef John chose to begin making the dog food himself. Since then John has studied canine nutrition, dietary restrictions, and common allergies. Armed with this knowledge Chef John has created the dishes that make up the Chestnut & Grace Gourmet Dog Food Menu. Additionally, John runs a boutique catering company and is always creating fun customized dishes for his human clients.